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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Right Environment

Lately at work, I’ve been challenged with a big assignment.  In the process, they have been stretching me and I have been doing things that I have never done as well as things that I’m familiar with.  The other day, I had a performance review and I was told that I have a "sense of urgency".  That truly caught me off guard because in my previous work place I use to get told that I didn’t show a "sense of urgency".  Did I change?  No, I don’t think so.  I still handle things with a calm demeanor.  The difference is the environment. 
Sure some people at my previous workplace really knew who I was and recognized that I don’t handle pressure and stress like most people.  There’s no need to scream and holler and run around like a chicken with your head cut off when you can just calm down assess the situation and get to work.  Everyone handles stress and stressful situations differently.  But I heard the criticism more than once.
As I reflected on the comment made and the two scenarios I began to picture a seed.  A seed that was planted in a small pot and it was nourished and fed and given the proper amount of light to grow. The seed turned into a lovely plant and grew as much as it could in the environment that it was in.  Eventually, the owner of the plant decided that it was time for the plant to be transplanted and placed in new soil and a bigger pot and a different environment.   The bigger pot and new soil would allow the plant to grow even more.  The roots can now grow longer and deeper and the plant itself can spread out and grow larger and taller.  All of this growth can happen because of a new environment and an owner with wisdom and foresight. 
 It’s amazing what being in the right environment will do for you.  You will grow and flourish like never before.  You will get this sense of fulfillment; this sense of peace; a sense of belonging.  I’m very thankful to my Owner for allowing me to be placed in a bigger pot and giving me the opportunity to grow and flourish more.  The transplant was not a simple process.  He had to do some pruning to cut off some dead leaves and stems that weren’t doing me any good.  It was quite painful at times but now this plant is settling into her new home quite nicely.  The longer that I’m here, the more I appreciate the new environment.   I’m sure that one day I will outgrow this pot too but for the time being, I will enjoy the moment and the environment where I am until the owner decides it’s time for another transplant.


  1. so agreed the environment makes a HUGE difference which is why I'm on my current journey now. I'm glad this new placement is working out for you!

  2. Thank you. The right environment does make a huge difference and after being in the wrong one for a little while it makes you appreciate a better one even more! :)



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