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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Year, New Goals

At the start of the New Year everyone starts out seeking change.  They make New Year’s resolutions and they set unrealistic goals or they set goals but they don’t create a plan to achieve them.  The biggest resolution that most people make is to get in shape and lose weight.  The gyms are usually overcrowded from January through March and they start thinning out for various reasons.  Most of the time, it is due to a lack of commitment to losing weight and staying fit.
People should reconsider making resolutions.  Resolutions are defined as a formal expression of opinion or intention made and voted on by an official body or assembled group.  No wonder people have a hard time keeping resolutions.  They are only opinions or intentions.   People should set goals instead.  A goal is defined as the end toward which an effort is directed. 
Start the New Year thinking about the goals you want to achieve.  Make sure that your goals line up with the vision that God gave you for your life and you will surely have a better chance of achieving them.  Make sure your goals are measurable so that you can keep track of your progress.  Sit down and create a plan.  What steps do you need to make sure you reach goals?  Make a commitment to those steps and to that goal.
Start this New Year with a new mindset.  Let go of the resolutions!  Set goals so that New Year produces an improved you!

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